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Temporary Hero exclusive world video premiere of ‘Flaws’ is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Flaws’ by Temporary Hero.

I wrote FLAWS after being bombarded every day with images from social media and the media in general that basically force us to believe perfection is one way and one way only especially as it relates to ageism and sexism. We as a culture start to abhor the aging person focusing so much on appearance rather than the wisdom we gain.

“Society tells us to linger on images that just get erased… I’m not perfect.”

The video takes this concept in a different direction and focuses on the neurologic work of Duchenne de Boulogne whose work ushered in the field of electrophysiology. Some of his work and that of Charles Bell focused on facial expressions of the insane likely because they were not socially acceptable or morose. Duchenne studied on the expressions relating to emotions and even how those were potentially falsely depicted in classic sculptures.

The video concept and entire project was created by Brother Bear Ltd. (


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