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The New Trailer for 'Call of Duty WWII' Zombie Mode Just Leaked Online, And It's Creepy as Hell

Credit: YouTube

People are hotly anticipating Call of Duty’s return to its Nazi-killing roots with the upcoming COD: WWII. The game, which promises to let players play through many of the iconic moments of the historical Nazi-occupation in its campaign, will also turn gamers loose on a punched up Nazi Zombie mode when the game comes out November 3rd.

Credit: YouTube

The trailer for that Zombie mode is set to be officially released later this week at the San Diego Comic Con but some overly eager individual leaked it to the internet early. We’re embedding it below and will point out some of the details here so COD devotees may want to stop and wait for the official announcement to come later this week.

Credit: YouTube

If you simply can’t wait, you’re in for a treat as the leaked trailer seems to show a more intense, realistic and nightmarish version of Zombies than we’ve ever seen before from the Call of Duty franchise. Dark, labyrinthine lab corridors appear to be the setting for at least one of the mode’s maps.

Most sinister is the new look of the undead army you’ll be facing in the hoard-style gameplay. Activision and Sledgehammer look ready to up the ante on the fan-favorite mode this November and we can’t wait to test out our zombie survival skills once again.

Credit: YouTube

Even if it haunts our non-gaming hours. We'll be looking forward to the official announcement from Activision later this week.

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