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Moschino Just Made ‘My Little Pony’ High Fashion

There’s nothing the Internet enjoys more than when a nostalgic franchise gets a retail reboot. Lisa Frank pajamas at Target? Yes, please. Matching kicks from Reebok? Sure, we’ll take a pair. So it’s no surprise that luxury brands want to cash in on our collective enthusiasm for throwback fashion. And who better than the industry’s reigning king of kitsch to do so during Fashion Week? We’re talking, of course, about Moschino and Jeremy Scott, who just brought My Little Pony to the Milan runway.

Scott opened Moschino’s spring 2018 show, as he usually does, with a see-now-buy-now capsule inspired by a recognizable franchise. (Past muses include Barbie, Nintendo, McDonald’s, and Windex.) Models including Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, and Charlotte Free walked out wearing or carrying pieces bearing My Little Pony‘s likeness: sweater dresses, T-shirts, crossbody bags, and more—all of which are available for purchase on Moschino’s website.



PHOTO: Jacopo Raule

This My Little Pony–inspired collection was made in collaboration with Hasbro, according to Moschino’s Instagram. And though some of the items are eerily reminiscent to those we owned back in the day (like a top-handle handbag that’s unmistakably meant to mimic the look of a tin lunchbox), the Italian fashion brand has made them luxe—i.e., much more expensive: Prices start at $75 for phone case and go up to $1,295 for a blazer. Guess we have to go digging through our parents’ basements to unearth our merch from back in the day, since the rainbow pony aesthetic is coming back for spring 2018.

PHOTO: Estrop

PHOTO: Jacopo Raule

PHOTO: Estrop

Don’t be surprised if you spot some My Little Pony–branded phone cases in the remainder of Milan Fashion Week street style—these tend to pick up quickly among the fashion flock.

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