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Expanding Your Network and Marketing Yourself As a Business Driven Mother

Building a business empire as a mother is possible even with all of the time commitments that parenting entails. There are disadvantages of being a mother in some industries that are more time consuming so being efficient in marketing yourself and networking is important. Meeting the right client can change the course of a mother’s career as one huge deal can lead to promotions and financial security like never before. The following are tips to network and market yourself to get the most out of your business and career as possible.


LinkedIn can be the perfect way to build your network with potentially beneficial connections to your business or career. Being active on this platform will take tact as cold pitching a person in their messages can ruin a relationship before it starts. A great thing to do is to write a few articles a month with the topic being what is happening in your particular industry. This can help gather likes, connections, and potential business if a company wants to work with you due to your processes or quality of work. LinkedIn can also be a great resource for finding contact information of people who you might be able to sell to or do some form of business with.

Trade Shows and Conferences

Trade Shows and conferences are a huge party for most industries as Las Vegas is the locale for many huge conferences in a variety of industries. Networking during these events needs to be done tactfully as you need to build rapport with a person before pitching them to help boost chances of success. Take a look at the companies that are supposed to attend the event in order to do research on potential executives and founders you want to talk to. Knowing something as simple as a person’s college alma mater can be a great talking point if you bring it up naturally. Those people who have lived in the area of the country that you live in can also have be a great segue into conversation. People want to like those that they work with for the most part so make yourself as engaging as possible. Building a personal relationships with current clients can allow you to do business for years to come.

Networking Events

Moms do not have the time that single professionals without kids have so we have to be more efficient when networking. Take a look at different marketing networks if you want to know more about community marketing and selling to those close to you in your industry. Networking events are not the place to be shy and even offer to do a presentation if possible. This will cause people to come up to you to discuss things about your presentation as well as you asking for questions after you have completed. Showcasing knowledge in these situations will have a huge ROI as presenting on something you are an expert in is rather simple when presenting to those who might not have the same amount of experience.

As you can see networking and marketing yourself as a professional can yield great results. A shy demeanor can lead you to miss out on opportunities so work on your social skills if you need to as your career depends on it.

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