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First Corporate Job: Things To Get and Tips To A Smooth Transition

At one point a working mother might get their first corporate job which is both exciting and nerve racking. This could be a job that you have had in your sights for quite some time. Transitioning smoothly and making a good first impression can impact your corporate mobility in the future. Those who have a hard time adjusting can be skipped over for promotions due to having a hard time with new tasks. The following are what you need and what you need to do in order to make a strong transition into corporate life.

Detached Keyboard

If you are going to be typing for a majority of the day then getting a keyboard that is detached with wrist support is important. Doing something like complaining about sore hands can lump you in with those that complain which is never something that management appreciates. This will also do wonders for both your hand and wrist help as many people can develop issues after years of typing. These keyboards can be easier to deal with than many laptops as they simply have more individual buttons.

Invest in a Wool Blanket

Anyone who has worked a corporate job understands the battle that most of the staff goes through about the temperature in the office. The mothers and females of the office tend to favor having it a bit warmer while male staff members might like it a bit colder. Having wool blankets that you can rely on during a day where the office is bone chilling is important. Being cold the entire day at work does not lend itself to working at your most productive as you will most likely be distracted by the temperature. The right wool blanket will allow you to skip purchasing the space heater that has become a staple in many offices that keep it cold. The only upkeep the blanket will need is to be washed from time to time which is a small price to pay for comfort 40 or more hours a week.

Go To The First Few Work Happy Hours

Later in your time at the company you can use the excuse of having children to skip the company happy hour. In the beginning of your time working at the corporation you need to establish yourself as a team player by attending all company functions big and small. Establishing this early will allow you to attend these at a lower rate later as having kids is one excuse that everybody understands. Avoid getting drunk at these although obvious can ruin your career at a company. You do not want the reputation of someone who get inappropriately drunk at work functions.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Taking notes of the questions that you have during training or your first few weeks of work. Put these questions into an end of day or week email in order to clear up anything that you might not understand completely. Managers would rather have this then an email about every single question in a separate thread. Most good managers will come to you during your infancy at the company asking if you have questions. Do not cower away and say no but rather be confident that you have a good question. This end of day email also allows you to find the answer on your own or give you the opportunity to ask a coworker.

Working at a corporation is the dream for some mothers so it is important to make the first few months count! Establish yourself as a hard worker, team player, and confident employee to see where your corporate ceiling is!

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