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Kelly Ripa Claps Back at Commenter Who Said She ‘Doesn’t Work That Hard’

Now that it's summer, nearly everyone you know will be posting photos of themselves on vacation in exciting and maybe exotic locales.

But when Kelly Ripa decided to share an innocent photo of herself enjoying a break from hosting Live! with Kelly and Ryan while abroad, some decided to use it as an opportunity to question her work ethic.

In the photo, posted on Instagram on June 27, Kelly and husband Mark Consuelos are enjoying a sunset in Greece, and look to be two lovebirds having the time of their lives.

As Little Things reports, the drama began when one commenter said she missed seeing the live version of the show. The user wrote, "Kelly, please explain what's happening with Live! Are they repeats? How is it pre-taped? I'm so distraught, [there's] nothing to watch with my morning coffee. But have fun. Vaca looks amazing. XOXO, Fellow Jerz Girl."

That's when another user chimed in, making some unfounded assumptions about Kelly's role, length of vacation and work style.

"She's the only anchor with the whole summer off. She doesn't work that hard to begin with," the user wrote.

Many users came to the talk show host's defense. "Seriously, people. Just let the woman have an amazing vacation with her family. All this nonsense about a live show—is there not anything else in the world you could be doing besides scrutinizing and making ridiculous comments?" said one person. Another wrote, "Oh my goodness, Kelly. Block these idiots. You work so hard and certainly deserve time off. You take less time off than others and work so hard to try and keep people happy on your prerecorded segments. Screw these nasty people." Meanwhile, another said, "Give Kelly a break people! Kelly has been working since [acting in soap opera] All My Children! She has an amazing work ethic, and she is an involved mother with her three children. She is there for her kids more than most parents … Stop bullying her. If you don’t like it, unfollow her!"

Kelly, however, decided to personally clap back at the commenter. "I'm not an anchor, I don't have the whole summer off, and I work extremely hard. Anything else?" she wrote.

Criticism over Kelly taking a vacation, however, brings up a bigger discussion that goes beyond trip envy: the argument that you can't possibly work hard if you make a lot of money and don't have a traditional workday. One user wrote, "You really think she works hard at her job? She is great at what she does but working hard is not it. Working mothers working eight- to 10-hour days and take care of kids work hard, and they don’t make millions a year, so please rethink about Kelly working hard."

Kelly—a mom to Michael, 21, Lola, 17, and Joaquin, 15, who she shares with her husband—may not have a 9-to-5 schedule like many working mothers, but it's unfair to say she doesn't work hard at what she does just because she's successful. Every weekday morning (unless she's on vacation), she appears on millions of TV screens across the country, and keeps audiences entertained with her wit and charm—and she's been at it since 2000. As one user commented, "It might seem like a dream job, but it takes a special personality to be spontaneous, and we don't realize how much goes into it behind the scenes. She makes it look easy."

It's unfortunate people can't be happy for her, or at the very least, leave her alone and let her enjoy a freaking vacation. If your fans have a hard time figuring out what to do without you gracing their TV screens for a week, that's a good sign to us that you're awesome at your job.

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