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The U.S.A.’s #1 Downhill MTB Racing Team

2018 Extreme Sports #MTB Top Guys: KHS Factory Racing


This mountain bike team is taking downhill racing to the next level and the Red Rose Mafia girls are supporting them. One of todays most dangerous extreme sports in competition racing. These athletes have to be in top shape in taking their body to the next level in endurance while being condition to the fullest. With this type of extreme racing their can be no mistakes. Known for taking first place in many of this years competitions and past competitions. the KHS Factory Racing team has made a name all over the U.S. and the world.









Responsible for over 700 RRM Members worldwide. #USC graduate Prior in establishing Red Rose Mafia- RRM International , Mrs. Delgado held several corporate management positions and holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. She also has won several awards and certificates pertaining to business and medical.

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Update #BrushFire; 10:11PM; 162 Griffith Park ; #Hollywood; #GriffithPark KNOCKDOWN: 95FF in 2 hrs 25mins. Due to the rugged, remote terrain firefighters faced challenges in maneuvering apparatus, acquiring water supplies and ...

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