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Blink-182’s Travis Barker Uninjured After His SUV Was Totaled in School Bus Crash

The incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky Travis Barker popped up on the red carpet this weekend wearing a wrist brace but otherwise apparently unharmed after his SUV was hit by a school bus while driving in Calabasas on Friday (July 13). The Blink-182 drummer, 42, is still recovering from blood clots in both arms, which forced the band to postpone some of their Las Vegas residency shows; they shared a video update on his diagnosis last week.

“I was in a really bad car accident but I came out unscathed, which is pretty awesome,” Barker told E! News Saturday. “My car is totaled but I pretty much walked away OK, which is awesome. A school bus ran a red light. It was insane. I have a really big 4×4 G-Wagon and if I wasn’t in that, it might have been different but it held up pretty well.”

Barker’s Mercedes was hit while making a left turn early Friday evening, as TMZ reported. His teenage son and a friend were riding with him at the time, but no one was hurt and Barker was judged not to be at fault. He was fortunate enough to walk away from the crash and keep his next obligation: attending Saturday’s glam convention/influencer magnet BeautyCon in Los Angeles with his daughter and stepdaughter.

“I’m really lucky everyone’s safe,” Barker told Us Weeklyat the event. “Fortunately, there were no kids on the bus, just the bus driver. And my son and his best friend are all right. It was just more scary than anything.”

Barker also offered Us an update on his ongoing blood clot issues, saying, “I’m as good as I can be. I’m just following the doctor’s orders. I actually had staph infection and a ton of blood clots, and I’ve just been in a recovery period.” He said he expects to get back to drumming “in the next three weeks,” adding, “They’re doing a lot of things to hyper heal my hand so as soon as that happens, it’s a green light.”

Back in 2008, Barker survived a plane crash that killed four people, suffering second- and third-degree burns to his hands and body.

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