The fireball lit up the night sky as if it were daytime. Image Credit: YouTube / Aurora Borealis (LIVE!)

A time-lapse camera captured the moment an intense fireball streaked across the sky over Lapland.

The event was picked up on the Aurora Service Tours livestream which offers Internet users the opportunity to view the Aururoa Borealis over a remote snow-covered region of northern Finland.

Tony Bateman, who set up the camera, reported hearing a loud bang at around the same time.

According to physicist Jyrki Manninen from the University of Oulu, the fireball, which was so bright it lit up the area as if it were the middle of the day, was most likely a meteor, however there is also the possibility that it could have been a piece of space debris re-entering the atmosphere.

The associated bangs were so loud they were heard over a distance of several hundred kilometers.

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