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K-Pop Group Loona Tease “Love4eva” Collaboration With Grimes

K-pop girl group Loona has released a teaser video for “Love4eva,” an upcoming single featuring vocals by Grimes. More precisely, the song is credited to “yyxy” or “youth youth by young,” a sub-group of Loona featuring members Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye. The 12-woman act has gradually rolled out members and sub-group acts over the past year, a strategy record label BlockBerry Creative bills as “the largest scale and the longest period of debut promotion in the K-pop history.”

“Love4eva” comes from yyxy’s upcoming five-song “mini album” Beauty & the Beat, which has itself inspired near-daily promotional teasers and song title announcements. The latest teaser sees the members of yyxy wearing Clueless-style checkered skirt suits and revisits some imagery from earlier clips. It also hints at a possible release time: May 30 at 6 p.m. Korean time. It’s not quite possible to pick out Grimes’s voice in the teaser, but it’s easy to understand why the experimental-leaning pop and helium-voiced hooks of past Loona songs like “Loonatic” might have caught her ear.

Meanwhile, Grimes has recently teased another upcoming collaboration with contested YouTube star Poppy, made headlines for her relationship with Tesla exec Elon Musk, and shared a tentative track list for her own upcoming album. Watch the latest trailer video for Loona and Grimes’s collaboration below.

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