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RiFF RAFF Responds to Accusations of Rape in New Instagram Video

Rapper RiFF RAFF has taken to social media to respond to allegations of rape and sexual misconduct levied against him by two women. In a Facebook post earlier this month, accuser Eliza Stafford claimed RiFF RAFF drugged and raped her after a concert in 2013, when she was 19. In a Jezebel report published last week, a second woman named Kelsey Doucette alleged that the rapper had attempted to coerce her into having sex with him at the 2015 Warped Tour. Stafford’s complaint led to the cancellation of RiFF RAFF’s tour of Australia and New Zealand.

According to his caption, RiFF RAFF’s Instagram post features a clip from a short film called “Trial by Media,” which discusses “HOW FALSE ALLEGATiONS ARE THE NEW EASY WAVE FOR PEOPLE TO LiE AND QUiCKLY GET THEiR NAME iN THE MEDiA BY USiNG BLOOD THiRSTY COPY & PASTE LAZY JOURNALiST AT THE EXPENSE OF ACTUAL ARTiSTS, ATHLETES & HiGH PROFiLE EASY TARGET PARTY MOGULS.” In the film, RiFF RAFF appears alongside two other talking heads: an unidentified entertainment lawyer and the film director Sarah B. Downey, who remarks that “so-called victims” have been allowed to become “judge, jury, and executioner” in recent media coverage of sexual assault allegations.

“Never once have I forced a girl to have sex,” a heated RiFF RAFF claims at the end of the video. “Never once have I forced a girl to do any type of drugs. I don’t want to have a girl drunk and sleepy.” Just before the clip cuts off, he continues: “I never once had to drag a girl…” You can watch the video clip below.

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