Written by Tom Williams on December 20,

UPDATE: Triple M Issues Statement In
Response To ‘Ozzest 100’ Controversy

ORIGINAL STORY: Rock-centric Aussie radio
station Triple M has announced
that it will launch its own Hottest 100-style countdown
on Australia Day, in a surprise move which comes only weeks
after triple j changed the date of its annual
so that it no longer takes place on 26th January.

In a statement sent to Triple M subscribers, the
broadcaster has slagged off triple j while revealing
that it will launch what it calls ‘Ozzest 100’ next year.

“So, the taxpayer funded FM has decided that there’ll be no
soundtrack for Australia Day. Let’s face it, that’s usually
full of hipsters or kids making music on a Mac,” the statement

“At Triple M, we’re going to give you what you’ve asked for.
The perfect Australia Day soundtrack.”

(Image: The Music)

Since Triple M‘s plans have come to light, the
internet’s reactions have been, well, pretty much what you’d

Music Feeds has contacted Triple M for

This isn’t the first time Triple M and triple
have traded blows; triple j‘s Ben and Liam
released a piss-take video about
Triple M
earlier this year, which summed up the
station’s true-blue nuances pretty perfectly. Meanwhile,
Triple M has previously called triple j

Triple j‘s Hottest 100 of 2017 will be revealed on
Saturday, 27th January, after the station moved the countdown
away from Australia Day — a day which Indigenous Australians
associate with Invasion Day.

UPDATE: A.B. Original Want To “Ruin”
Triple M’s ‘Ozzest 100’ By Voting For ‘January 26’