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Watch Ariana Grande Perform “The Light Is Coming” Live for the First Time

Last week, Ariana Grande tweeted a video of her lip-syncing the words to a song called “The Light Is Coming” from her upcoming album Sweetener. The song, which includes a guest verse from Nicki Minaj and production from Pharrell Williams, was performed last night for the first time at iHeartRadio’s Wango Tango event in Los Angeles.

Grande danced around the stage with a group of back-up dancers, mouthing Minaj’s opening lines before belting it with the chorus. “We wanted to give you a little preview of it tonight,” she shouts into the crowd. “Is that okay? I’m so nervous! Let’s go!” So far, Grande has released “No Tears Left to Cry,” and teased songs like “R.E.M.,” “God is a Woman,” and “Raindrops” from the album. Watch a clip of the performance below.

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