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YouTube Pulls Death Grips’ “Shitshow” Video for “Sexually Provocative Content”

Death Grips is offline. Yesterday, the abrasive noise-rap group uploaded a video on YouTube for their song “Shitshow,” off their upcoming Year of the Snitch, and that video was extremely NSFW. The noisy, somewhat tuneless song had a busy, tasteless video to match, that, among other things, featured drummer Zach Hill wiping his butt and an unidentified woman urinating in the middle of a field. Unsurprisingly, it has now been removed from YouTube. The trio posted this message from YouTube on their twitter account:


— Ꭰeath Ꮹrips (@bbpoltergiest) June 21, 2018

“YouTube isn’t the place for sexually provocative content,” the statement reads, and “videos containing this type of content will be removed.”

Instead, the band has uploaded to Vimeo – if you dare, you can watch the video (which once again, is very NSFW) here.

Year of the Snitch is out on June 22 via Harvest.

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