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International Support Group of Parasite Sufferers

It seems like there are support groups for just about any topic, concern, or health condition but this support group has the caught the eyes of millions worldwide and even perhaps the national attention of the C.D.C.

This support group deals specifically with individuals that are infected with parasites. Many members have been to multiple doctors that either has no clue in properly treating these infections or because of their ignorance misdiagnosed them as delusional. From morgellons, lyme disease, resistant scabies, strongyloids and other strange diseases that are caused from endo and ecto parasites. Mysterious conditions that affects tens of thousands worldwide while many are self medicating themselves.

“For people to say you’re delusional is very anxiety-provoking. For many of us we get depressed. Who wouldn’t? The next stage is usually an obsessive-compulsive thing – paying attention to the body in great detail. But, again, I feel this is understandable, in the circumstances.” says a member who asked to stay anonymous. “No one knows just how much many of us suffers. Can you imagine how it feels to literally be eaten alive? These things come out of my body. I can feel them crawling all over me while biting me. Its disgusting, Every medication that was created to work is not working for me or for many of our members. I can’t be around my children or family members for fear of infecting them. I can’t have a full time job because I will infect everyone in the workplace. It’s just isn’t fair for innocent people to get infected from being irresponsible. I was originally diagnosed with resistant scabies but recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Lyme suppresses the immune system allowing these damn mites to thrive and grow rampant. It’s just one of many co-infections that I have from Lyme.”

While the CDC is due to publish a long-delayed studies on many of these conditions many of the Human Parasite Support Network members feel as if this isn’t a priority for the C.D.C.

“We’re hurting. We’re suffering. For many of us we have lost everything. We’re broke. For many we live in a life of seclusion. There’s no cure for morgellons. No cure for someone that has a hyper infection of strongyloids. How about resistant scabies? Ever heard of that? Yea it’s real! Thousands have contacted the C.D.C. Thousands have contact congress to try to get something done about this but to no avail.

The support Facebook group was started in 2015 and has many horrid tales from thousands of their members in their everyday struggle in combating their mysterious parasitic ailments and conditions.

Facebook group

Below we provided a url for a petition that was started from members of the Human Parasite Support Network

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