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Melania Trump Is Back to Work in ‘Internal Meetings’ After Hospitalization and 19 Days Out of Sight

Two weeks after undergoing a kidney procedure — and almost three weeks after her last public appearance — First Lady Melania Trump is back to work at the White House and “doing really well,” her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, tells PEOPLE.

“She’s been involved in several internal meetings with staff all last week, and that continues this week,” Grisham says. “We’ve been going over initiatives and other long term planning for events such as the Congressional Picnic and 4th of July.”

The first lady, 48, has not been seen in public in 19 days. She was last spotted on Thursday, May 10, when she stood next to her husband, President Donald Trump, to welcome home three Americans at Joint Base Andrews, according to The Washington Post.

Four days later, on May 14, the first lady’s office made the surprise announcement that she had undergone a “successful” kidney procedure, but would remain hospitalized for the remainder of the week.

Since returning home on May 19, the first lady has been completely out of the spotlight, which the Post notes is an “unusually long absence” for even the most private of presidential spouses.

Asked about the first lady’s health on Friday morning, the president told reporters gathered at the White House that his wife was inside.

“She’s doing great. Right there,” Trump said, pointing up toward the second floor of the White House from the south entrance. “She’s doing great. She’s looking at us, right there.”

But as reporters turned to follow his outstretched finger, they saw no sign of his wife, reports the Post.

Grisham did not specifically say when Mrs. Trump would be seen again, so her return to public life remains a mystery. It’s unclear whether she’ll attend a White House Sports and Fitness Day event that the president is expected to participate in on Wednesday.

First daughter and advisor to the president Ivanka Trump is set to help her father host the event. Asked if such an event would normally be hosted by the first lady, Ivanka said in a press conference call Tuesday that since the event is for the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, which was formed by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1955, “it’s appropriate that it continues” to to be hosted by the president.

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