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People Are Losing It Over Malala Yousafzai’s Otherworldly Message to Elon Musk

Malala Yousafzai and Elon Musk may both be celebrities in their own right, but as a human rights activist and billionaire CEO of a car company, they don’t usually have much cause to interact.

However, thanks to a parody news story from satirical website Clickhole, that’s all changed. After Clickhole tweeted out a link to an article with the headline, “More Bad Press For Elon: The Car Elon Musk Launched Into Orbit Has Fallen Back Down To Earth And Crushed Malala Yousafzai,” on Wednesday, Musk took to Twitter to joke about his imagined blunder.

“Hell of a week,” Musk tweeted in response to the piece.

But it was when Yousafzai herself chimed in that the fun really began. “Hello from the other side,” she tweeted, prompting a greeting featuring a ghost emoji from the Tesla creator.

Hell of a week— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 31, 2018

Hi @Malala! ????????????— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 31, 2018

I’m keeping the car btw! ????????— Malala (@Malala) May 31, 2018

Shortly afterwards, Twitter began losing it over the interaction. “I can’t stop laughing, it’s 11pm, my husband and kids think I’ve finally lost it,” wrote one delighted user.

I can’t stop laughing, it’s 11pm, my husband and kids think I’ve finally lost it.— #BringThemHere (@SarahRubyWrites) May 31, 2018

See some more reactions below.

Somewhere Clickhole employees are shrieking with joy and hugging each other while sobbing.— Rex (@SMDamnH) May 31, 2018

This is the dialogue that the world needs right now— Phillip Wilkins (@pkwilkins) May 31, 2018

I’m crying.— Shannon Molloy (@sleemol) May 31, 2018

This is my favorite thing on the entirety of the internet right now. You both are amazing, inspirational, and please keep being you.— IAM JAFO (@JAFOIAM) May 31, 2018

Now that you are haunting Elon, Malala, can you please bug him about speeding up that tunnel from LAX to downtown? Maybe some poltergeist activity around his backyard boring machine? Sincerely,Everyone in Los Angeles— Brandon Finnigan (@B_M_Finnigan) May 31, 2018

Need to give separate Nobel Peace Prize for this tweet.— Nikhil (@niquotein) May 31, 2018— Vanessa H ???? (@adele_hasmywig) May 31, 2018

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