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Kevin Hart Jokes Tiffany Haddish Still Hasn’t Repaid the $300 He Gave Her When She Was Homeless

Kevin Hart helped Tiffany Haddish out when she needed it most, and now, he joked, he’s ready to see a return on his investment.

The actor, 38, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night where he explained the years-long connection he’s had with his Night School costar, 38. “I knew Tiffany when Tiffany was homeless,” he told host Jimmy Kimmel. “Tiffany was living out of her car and nobody knew. She was trying to keep it a secret.”

The actor said he knew something was amiss when he asked Haddish where she was staying and she didn’t give him a clear reply. “In my pocket I had $300 and I was like, ‘Here, I don’t know what your situation is, but hopefully this can do something for you in this time because I feel like you’re not telling me something,’ ” Hart said.

Haddish, who recalled this story herself in an interview with Vanity Fair, ended up getting a motel for a week, where she rested up and wrote out a list of career goals.

“Until this day, she’s yet to bring up the money to give it back,” Hart joked after Kimmel asked if she had paid him back. “I don’t want to make a big deal about it because, look, it’s one of those things where I’m waiting on her like to say it. When she says it, I’m like, ‘Alright, yeah, you should!’ ”

While Haddish told Vanity Fair she always privately credited Hart with being her “comedy guardian angel,” he didn’t realize the full impact he had on her until years later. “I found out that she wrote in her journal about the relationship with me and her, how I acted as a piece of motivation in stand-up comedy because I simply uplifted her every time we saw her,” Hart explained. “Told her she was funny. Told her she was going to be a star. And without keeping in communication, we’ve come full circle and I end up casting Tiffany Haddish to star alongside me.”

Hart and Haddish’s upcoming film Night School hits theaters Sept. 28.

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