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Rid Yourself of Money Issues: How To Earn A Side Income If You Enjoy Writing

It’s hard to live these days even if you have a full-time job. Do you have much money left over once your bills are paid? If not, you won’t be able to treat your kids. Luckily it’s easy to improve your situation if you enjoy writing.

You can earn a side income at night once your children are sleeping. Even if you only work for a few hours per night it will make a huge difference to your life. We’ll look at a few popular methods you’ll be able to choose from.

1. Craft Email Sales Funnels

When people visit a website companies want them to enter their email address. Everyone knows it’s because they’ll receive offers to buy products, but they don’t have a clue what goes on behind the scenes.

Email sales funnels are carefully crafted to maximize the amount of money customers spend. It’s an art and a science. If you learn how to write sales copy you’ll be able to create high converting funnels.

2. Publish Books On Kindle

If you enjoy reading Kindle books you’ll know a lot of them are priced at $2.99. They also contain around 15,000 words, which is much less than normal books. There is a reason why it’s a great way to make money.

Write short books and you’ll be able to churn out more every year. Nobody will complain about a $2.99 book if it’s good enough. Once you start building up your collection the profits will eventually snowball.

3. Write Product Descriptions

When someone starts an eCommerce site it’s usually because they want to run a profitable business. I’m sure they’ll add basic product descriptions, but they won’t want to spend time learning how to write good ones.

Let’s say a business is selling 10 particular items per day. If you rewrote their product description they might end up doubling sales. If you do this for lots of products on a website you’ll earn lots of cash.

4. Freelance Content Marketing

Large companies with money don’t really market their products and services in the same way these days. For example, I doubt many of them will advertise on billboards. Everyone is interested in content marketing at the moment.

You can offer to write articles for businesses with blogs and they’ll pay you a decent amount of money. When your articles attract visitors they’ll make it back tenfold. You’ve just got to reach out and offer your talents.

5. Start An Affiliate Website

Sometimes it’s easier to work on projects at a slow pace, so you’ll enjoy building an affiliate site. You will be able to write one article at a time, plus they can be on subjects you’re passionate about.

If you want to make money you’ll need to write product reviews. Start writing about Amazon products if you want to be profitable quickly. You will need to learn how to do keyword research before going down this route.

It’s Great If You Enjoy Writing

You won’t find a better side job if you enjoy writing. You’ll be able to do everything we’ve talked about today from the comfort of your own home. Test each one out and follow through with your favorite.

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