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The Reason Rachel Zoe Sometimes Wants to ‘Go Behind the Door and Start Hysterically Crying’ is Super Relatable

Famous for being a stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe has a glamorous career. But when it comes to being a working mother—a job that's far from glam—the stylist recently revealed she faces challenges from time to time, and they sound all too familiar.

At the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards, Rachel, who juggles parenting with styling clients, designing her own clothing line and being the editor-in-chief of The Zoe Report, told US Weekly she feels overwhelmed "every minute of every day," and sometimes wants to "go behind the door and start hysterically crying." Rachel has two sons—Skyler, 7, and Kaius, 4—with husband Rodger Berman.

“It’s all overwhelming because your brain knows you need to be at work and your heart wants to be with your kids," she said. Still, she wouldn't choose one over the other. "You need to do both. I think it’s important to do both. With me, the struggle is real.”

Rachel, who is based in Beverly Hills but flew to Brooklyn for the event, continued, “I was literally FaceTiming with my son on the way here for the eighth time today. My 4-year-old was hysterically crying on the way to school, ‘Mommy, come home. I don’t want to go.’ I wanted to die. I wanted to fly through the phone."

Indeed, juggling work and family is no easy task. And as Rachel reminds us all, famous or not, when you have to leave your kids to go to work, it's always heartbreaking.

Last year, Rachel told Working Mother that travel is the hardest part of being a working parent. "It’s hard to make them understand why you can’t be there to pick them up everyday or be there every night to tuck them in. But I honestly try," she said. "I try to put them to sleep six out of seven nights … It has to be something really important for me to miss putting my kids to sleep. I think that’s so important. That's our special time and I read and I do bath time and dinner and all that."

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