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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas More Meaningful than Another Tie

Struggling to find a great Father's Day gift for the dad in your life? Trying to avoid getting him yet another tie or screwdriver set? The classics are totally fine, but with a little effort and creative thinking, you can plan something a bit more meaningful and likely to create memories that will last a lifetime. From fun family activities to DIY gifts, here are some suggestions:

Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon game on a beautiful summer afternoon. Plus, many local minor league and college teams offer family-friendly promotions and entertainment.

He may need more than a couple of lessons to fix that Charles Barkley-esque swing, but any golf fanatic can pick up a few pointers from an expert. He may even get good enough to stop using your garage as a practice putting green.

For a fun DIY gift, buy some of his favorite beef jerky flavors and create a beautiful bouquet of meats. Almost as lovely as your Mother's Day flowers—but way more delicious.

You may not be able to build a time machine to bring him back to the glory days of Atari and arcades, but you can gift him a blast-from-the-past with a re-released old school console. Video game companies like Nintendo and Sega are releasing modern versions of consoles like the NES and Genesis, and they include all of his favorite games already built in.

Take a load off his shoulders for Father’s Day. Figure out his most dreaded project or chore and surprise him by hiring a professional to take care of it. You get it done early, and he gets a free weekend that he otherwise wouldn’t have. Everybody wins.

Arrange a trip that will give him some fascinating insight on how his favorite drinks are made. It also gives him an opportunity to use the classic dad joke, “Do they have samples?” It never gets old.

Have some family fun in the great outdoors, and let your favorite outdoorsman roam free. Just remember to bring plenty of bug spray.

Take him to see one his favorite musicians or groups from his youth and prove to your kids that while their dad may seem old, he still loves to rock out.

It's proof that the best gifts don’t always have to be the most extravagant: Plan a picnic and take in a beautiful day at a park or somewhere else with a great view and space to have fun as a family.

Kick story time up a notch with some new books that are centered around spending special time with dad. They’re sure to become future bedtime staples.

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