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3 Painless Methods For Detecting Certain Cancers In Women

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the three most common cancers among women are breast cancer (123,000+), lung cancer(50,000+) and colo rectal cancer (32,000+). Other cancers that most affect women are endometrial, skin and ovarian cancers. If you have a few minutes, I’d like to share a few methods for detecting certain cancers before they spread.

1. Breast Cancer

While regular breast examination is good, any changes you see during self-examination may not specifically be cancer-related. Regardless, examining yourself properly is grounds for early breast cancer detection. Here is how: Stand undressed from the waist up in front of a large mirror (make sure there is ample lighting)

  • Relax your arms by your sidesClosely look for changes in size, position, or shape.

  • Now closely look for any puckering, dimpling, redness, sores or discoloration

  • Inspect your nipples and surrounding skin areas for peeling or direction changes

  • Place your hands on your hips. Press down firmly, tightening your chest muscles. Examine your breast’s outer parts and surrounding areas

  • Facing the mirror, lean forward and inspect for differentiation between shape and contour If you do notice new changes in your breast, do not panic. Lumps or changes do not necessarily mean you have cancer. It’s important to alert your doctor to these changes

.2. Ultrasounds

Image SourceYes, this detection method isn’t one you can perform on yourself, as this procedurerequires medical equipment operated by a medical doctor. In particular, a procedurecalled high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) will be performed. The goal of HIFU isto target cancerous cells while “ignoring” healthy cells.The concept is similar to holding a magnifying glass under the sun, in order to focusthat fiery ray to burn a hole or start a tiny fire. However, HIFU relies on sound wavesthat a doctor focuses through your rectum (the bottom area of your large intestine). Inaccordance with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), these sound waves will then bedirected towards any looming cancer cells. What makes this procedure effective is thefact that these sound waves heat up to 90°F, which is the perfect temperature forkilling cancer skills.

The sound waves heat up to temperatures as high as 90°F and can kill cancer cells injust a few seconds. Doctors use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasoundimaging to tell them exactly where the tumor is and where to point the sound waves.3. Cervical CancerImage SourceIn 2012, cervical cancer was the second most common cancer in women acrossthe world. The American Cancer Society (ACA) estimates that over 13,240 womenwill be diagnosed with cervical cancer. ACA also estimates that roughly 4,170women will die from the vicious disease.Surgery or chemo radiotherapy is crucial for curing a majority of diagnosedwomen. However, the effectiveness of these treatment methods decreases the

further along a woman is in the disease stages. Screening techniques for detectingthis cancer in its early stages include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Cervical (Pap) smearsLiquid-based cytology (fluid sampling)
  • Neuromedical systems
  • HPV testing
  • Polar probes
  • Visual inspect of cervix (in conjunction with acetic acid (VIA)
  • Cervicography


Nobody wants cancer. I’m sure you’ve had loved ones undergo cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment are brutal, heart-breaking forms of cancertreatment. Radiation and chemo eliminated lung cancer from my mother; sadly, italso severely damaged her immune system, and she passed away one month afterwinning the war against lung cancer. Clearly, the best defence against this is todetect any cancer early by having annual screenings.

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