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Chrissy Teigen Just Posted a Hilarious Message to Her Baby About His ‘Original Due Date’

When Chrissy Teigen's new baby Miles Theodore was born last month, the bundle of joy entered the world three weeks earlier than expected. He was so small, Chrissy even joked on Twitter that she'd have to learn how to sew since she can't find clothes to fit him. On Wednesday, June 6—the day he was supposed to be born—the model dedicated a hilarious yet sweet Instagram post to her son and why she thinks he decided to arrive so early.

In the post, Chrissy playfully called out her little one. "Today was your original due date but you heard how cool we are since that’s all we talk about (how cool we are) and you wanted to see what all the fuss was about, three weeks early," she wrote. But she wants him to know the joke's on him. "Well, we tricked you! We are boring AF but we love you!"

A mom who is a model, TV personality, cookbook author and social media extraordinaire, and a dad—John Legend—who's a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, musician, and most recently, actor? Sounds more than cool to us!

In addition to Miles, Chrissy and John have an adorable daughter, Luna, 2.

Since giving birth on May 16, Chrissy has been sharing funny Instagram posts about raising a baby again and now being a mom of two. On Tuesday, she shared a photo of herself with Miles, in a baby wrap, and Luna, hanging out at the beach surrounded by sand toys. "Guess we’re really doing this kid thing!" she wrote.

She also shared another gem: a photo of herself wearing mesh underwear from the hospital, which she calls "Asian Pear Underwear," while holding baby Miles in one arm and an actual Asian pear in another. The comparison is a reference to comedian Ali Wong's latest Netflix special, Hard Knock Wife, where she says the infamous underwear is made out of the same material as the mesh wrapping Asian pears are sold in.

Motherhood isn't the most glamorous job in the world, but leave it to Chrissy to find the humor and light in every parenting situation.

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