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This Amazon Delivery Guy Who Hid a Woman’s Packages From Her Husband is the Hero We All Need

Online shopping is addictively convenient. Amazon’s quick deliveries and on-point pricing leave many working moms clicking “Buy Now” without hesitation. It's all too easy for multiple packages to pile up. So we totally understand why Texas-based wife Vanessa O’Shea left very specific instructions for her delivery man.

“Please hide packages from husband,” her doormat instructs. And that’s exactly what one very loyal delivery man did.

In a security surveillance video, the man can be seen reading the mat and then carefully placing the Amazon package behind a chair on O'Shea's porch. The video went viral in a playful Facebook message she posted on Sunday.

“Shoutout to #amazon for always being loyal and hiding my packages!!” writes O’Shea.

Of course, the Internet was thoroughly entertained. The post received over 43,000 likes and more than 193,000 shares.

Many shopaholics expressed a penchant to purchase the doormat for themselves.

“I need this when my 20 packages come at once,” wrote one commenter.

“I’ve found the solution to my online shopping addiction,” claimed another.

Others wanted to find the kind of loyalty O’Shea’s delivery guy clearly has in spades.

“I need him to be my delivery man!” exclaimed one woman.

Unfortunately, an automated text message tipped off O’Shea’s husband about the completed delivery. But the efforts of this unidentified man will never cease to be amazing. He's our hero.

The doormat can be purchased on Amazon.

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