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4 Home Design Websites That Take the Hassle Out of Redecorating

Redecorating is probably way down on your to-do list. Could convenient home-design websites be the answer? We asked four working moms to try online services that do the planning and purchasing for you.

Cost: $299 to $1,299 per room, depending on the level of designer chosen

"Decorist gave me great ideas for colors to use in my master bedroom, which I hadn’t done anything with since we moved into this home. My designer was open to my input. Plus, it was incredibly easy, convenient and user-friendly—a great service to me, a mom to 4-year-old twins. Still, being able to see the items in person before purchasing works better for me. I probably will buy only a few items they suggested."—Cortney Worrell, social worker, Denver

Cost: Between $79 and $249 per room, depending on level of design service

"Consulting with somebody who knew what she was doing confirmed my suspicions about my open floorplan—the few configurations I’d considered were my only options. And when I wasn’t crazy about a suggestion she made, she never pushed back—she just changed it. She also designed with my two young sons and puppies in mind.”—Cassie Ehrenberg, attorney, Philadelphia

Cost: Prices vary per room; for example, a kid’s room costs $539 to $999, depending on the level of designer

"To personalize my daughter’s nursery (reusing some of the items from my son’s), Decorilla used Pinterest boards I’d put together as inspiration. They gave me plenty of options; if I said a chair seemed expensive, they’d show me three others that were budget-friendly. The downside: A traditional designer can recommend contractors in your area; Decorilla can find the fabric but not the upholsterer.”—Becky Vasta, IT project manager, St. Louis

Cost: Free for a quick online chat with a designer; $79 to $199 per room for design

"I wanted to design a bedroom that would grow with my 8-year-old daughter. Budget and practicality were key, and our designer understood. She showed us options ranging from a $29 accessory at Target to a $399 piece of furniture at Pottery Barn. She also seemed to ‘get’ Francesca, who isn’t pink and frilly. I would have liked to talk to our designer on the phone or FaceTime for a more personal touch.” —Allison Frost, radio producer, Portland, OR

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