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Throughout history, societies and communities that embraced the arts often found themselves at the forefront of social and political change – decades ahead of those that have discouraged or diminished the role of the arts in their societies. Our rich history of social and political progress is due in no small part to the active and courageous artistic community that calls Southern California home. We hope that by highlighting the rising stars of our local art community on a weekly basis, we can help increase our community’s engagement with local art and the artists that devote their life to moving society forward.

“Its Been Years Since I Seen His Face” 48” x 72” Oil on canvas ✨I wanted to share this painting again with a personal story that my father shared with me the other night. It’s about his mother, my grandma (left side) in Mexico. “The last time I saw my mom was when I was 16. I’m now 47. I got a phone call from her the other day. She started weeping as soon as I said, “Hi, mom.” She told me she feels alone and helpless. I found out she is going blind and can’t hardly do anything anymore. I wish I can be there with her in Mexico, but it’s not that simple. If I go, I know I risk loosing everything, my family, my job, my life. She started telling me she can hardly remember how I look like anymore. I try to be strong and tell her to have hope. But I think she has given up on that many years ago. What hurts the most is having your own mother say to you: ‘You have forgotten about me.’ There was no hate in her voice when she said it, but instead sadness and honesty. I think that’s what has been killing me inside. I feel that the only people who will understand my situation are the ones who have had to live through it or are living it.” -Dad #DiaDeLasMadres #mothersday #oilpainting #oiloncanvas #criseldavasquez

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