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3 Reasons You Should Keep Jewelry In The Family

As mothers we probably received some kind of jewelry from our families as well as significant others. These pieces are often enjoyed for decades with certain rings or necklaces staying in style for centuries. While the gaudy jewelry of the past might be out of style sleek pieces with perfect cuts can be considered timeless. Far too many families dispose of family jewelry or sell it to the highest bidder. Unless you are strapped for cash this option should not be considered. The following are reasons that you should keep jewelry of all values in the family.

Jewelry Is Better When It Comes With a Story

The story of a piece of jewelry might be more interesting than the jewelry itself. This can be a time capsule back to the person who originally wore the piece. It could be a piece of jewelry given for an anniversary or a ring given for an engagement. A diamond ring made custom can be extremely valuable especially if it can be considered an antique. Jewelry that has been through hardships like a war or surviving disease can be looked at as a beacon of strength. Do not underestimate the stories that come with jewelry as this can be the most valuable part in some cases.

Passing Things Down Provide a Bright Spot During a Sad Time

Losing a loved one is devastating regardless if it was expected or a sudden death. One bright spot about somebody passing away can be the things that you inherit. Although you would rather have the person back it can be a consolation to receive something meaningful from the person after death. This could be a ring that a granddaughter adored or a watch from a father that a son always coveted. This allows family to take a piece that reminds them of you every time it is worn. The most important thing that you can do is to have an itemized will so all of your important jewelry pieces go to the correct family member. Do not leave anything up for interpretation as disputes over wills can lead to families splitting.

It Might Not Fit You But It Could Fit Your Child/Teen

For some mothers we still have yet to receive all of the jewelry that will be passed down to us. One mistake that many mothers make it thinking that a piece should be sold simply because it does not fit in with their style. Do not forget about your children, nieces, and other family members. One ugly piece of jewelry to you might be a piece that helps bring a myriad of outfits together for another family member. Even if your teen does not wear the piece initially they might wear it to remember you on holidays after you are gone.

If you don’t have jewelry worth passing down to your descendants there are plenty of options online. Even the smallest thing to remember you by can mean the most especially to your children and grandchildren. You will be brought up every time someone asks where your descendant got that piece!

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