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Linkedin Can Now Tell You How Long You’ll Have to Commute Before You Apply for a Job

When it comes to looking for a new job, location totally matters. Thanks to a new LinkedIn feature, however, figuring out how long it will take us to get to and from our jobs is about to get much easier.

As Quartz reports, users will now be able to see how long their travel time will be before they apply for a new job through LinkedIn. To use the feature, go to the Jobs tab and click on a listing. Then scroll past the job description until you get to the part that says "See your commute." There you'll add your home address. Then the site will give you an estimate for how long your commute to work will be by car, public transportation or walking. There's even an option to see how long your commute would be at certain times, like rush hour, for example.

LinkedIn spokeswoman Suzi Owens was inspired to add the feature after seeing the results of a nationally representative LinkedIn sample, she told Quartz. Among the findings, 75 percent said a short commute was an important factor in considering a job, and 85 percent would sacrifice a portion of their income to spend less time traveling to work.

Although you can also use Google Maps or Apple Maps to figure out your commute, that requires more steps, like opening more tabs and researching where the company is located. This feature, on the other hand, would be much more convenient to job seekers since the commuting time calculations are done right on the site, on the same page as the job listing.

Currently, employers are the ones providing their location to LinkedIn so they can be included in the feature. And for that reason, the commuting time option isn't available for all job listings just yet.

Right now the feature can only be accessed on LinkedIn's mobile apps, though the desktop version will roll out in a few months.

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