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Getting The Corner Office: Tips For Moms Wanting That Promotion They’ve Worked Hard For

A professional career that you can be proud of as a mother is something that most mothers in the workforce strive for. For most mothers this is not an entry level job as ambition of many mothers cannot be matched. Promotions are not going to fall into your lap or be given to you simply because you want them. You need to take an offensive approach when it comes to competing for the promotion. Most people look at work as a means to provide when they should be thinking of it as a competition or game. The following tips can help you get that corner office you have had your eye on for months or years!

Dress For The Part

Dressing for the part is only half the battle as dressing well also gives you an increase in confidence. Confidence is imperative when trying to be offered a managerial position as you will have to direct a small to large group of people. Those people who look unkempt coming into the office might do a great job at their role but appearance can make a huge difference. You do not want a messily dressed person meeting with a valued client. If you lack confidence due to your body a good investment could be some cosmetic surgery.

Ask For Feedback On Your Job Performance

One thing that plenty of people do not do is going to their boss to ask their opinion on their job performance. Performance reviews are not always reliable as a manager often times just wants to get these over with instead of putting thought into this. Ask your boss directly what you need to improve to put yourself into good position for the promotion that might be coming up in a few months. Improving the areas where you are lacking can make it a no brainer when the promotion is being doled out. This will also let the manager know that you are interested in the position which is important. Those people who seem indifferent about new positions opening up can be passed over when it comes to the promotion discussion.

Keep Record of Projects You’ve Completed and Deadlines Met

Your deadlines hit as well as your production numbers should be tracked personally. If a manager points to your production as the reason for not being considered for a promotion you should have concrete evidence. When applying for a higher position bring out the numbers you have achieved over the last couple of months as well as cumulative results for the year. Keeping these numbers can also give you the ability to push back if you feel that you were passed over for being a female, older, or due to a political opinion.

Continuously Improve and Better Yourself

Those employee that continually achieve new certifications or further their education while working full-time are valued by companies. Too many employees sit back and relax once they are given a job. A company will appreciate that you are improving yourself and making yourself a better employee outside of the workplace. Advanced degrees or certifications can also open up career opportunities that were not available in the past due to you not having the appropriate degrees. Job security will be increase for those who can easily be moved to another department and flourish which should be kept in mind.

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