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Will Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Be Televised?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May of 2018 was a ratings windfall. Almost 30 million Americans watched the marriage ceremony on broadcast television alone, and in the U.K., nearly 18 million people watched them say “I do.”

But at this point, it’s unclear whether Princess Eugenie will follow in her cousin Harry’s footsteps and televise her wedding.

Eugenie will marry her fiancé Jack Brooksbank in October at Windsor Castle, and while no broadcast or live-streaming plans have been announced or even hinted at by the royal family, there’s a chance the public will get to see the Queen’s granddaughter walk down the aisle in one way or another.

In the June 28, 2018 episode of “On Heir,” a podcast focused on royals news, co-host and royal correspondent Omid Scobie suggested that Princess Eugenie’s wedding might be televised.

“Looking back at some of the smaller royal weddings, they don’t normally get televised; however, there is a lot of interest in Eugenie’s wedding. I think the fact that we had billions of people watching Harry and Meghan’s wedding this time around showed just how much interested there will be,” he said.

“And the fact that every member of the royal family will be there in October [makes] this one of the most anticipated events on the social calendar later this year. There will be lots of interest. No doubt, every major network has requested some sort of access.”

Fingers crossed they’re granted access. We’ll continue to update as we know more.

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