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David Paulides: Big Foot DNA & Missing People

David Paulides: Big Foot DNA & Missing People

This is a really good video. It answers questions for many of the skeptics that are out there. It’s a fact that no one really knows about the strange stuff that happens on the Native Americans reservations here in the United States. Unless you live on a reservation. Its been known for years that Sasquatch is real but the government suppresses this information as well as with other information that they don’t want the public to know about. Grab a cup of tea of coffee because this video is really interesting. We admit its an older video but this info is so good that we had to post it. David is also well known for his research on his “Missing 411” research series. He openly admits with his Missing 411 research that he never openly talks about how or what happens to the missing people that they can never find in the U.S. national parks. For the mere fact that that many of the missing people are children and that he also talk to a lot of the missing people families. You really need to watch this video. Open your mind and expand your knowledge. There’s a whole lot more than what meets the eye in this world that we live in.

David Paulides is a cryptozoologist, investigator and writer known primarily for his work, including two self-published books, dedicated to proving the reality of the cryptid known as Bigfoot, and for his series of self-published books, Missing 411, in which he speculates about the disappearance of people in national parks and elsewhere.


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