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5 Tasty Summer Treats You Can Bake with Your Kids

Summer is the season for family bonding. With beach days, theme park visits and extended vacations, opportunities for creating lasting memories abound. However, the home offers the best space for face-to-face interaction and fostering fun: the kitchen. It can seem daunting to take on the mess and management required for coordinated cooking. No worries. Below are simple recipes from that call for easy-to-find ingredients and minimal cleanup.

This is a foolproof banana bread recipe. You can add anything into this recipe—chocolate chips, walnuts or the way my kids prefer, just the way it is! And best of all, this banana bread is a one-bowl and six-ingredient recipe. Enjoy!

This recipe literally took me under 5 minutes to get in the oven and was a huge hit! I only had whole wheat flour in the house and the kids didn’t even know the difference. There was not a crumb left in the pie dish.

Chocolate bark is my “go-to” dessert, and chances are that everything you need is already in the pantry. It is so easy to make and really one of the best last-minute desserts. Our favorite combination is marshmallow and raisins with semi-sweet chocolate.

What could be better than combining brownies with chocolate chips and marshmallows? This was a creation developed by my boys that's become a family favorite. While baking, the marshmallows and chocolate chip melt into the brownies making it a gooey, delicious dessert. Best served hot with ice cream.

My house is always filled with kids—mostly hungry, growing boys who constantly crave snacks. My oldest son came up with a great idea—Tortilla Pizza or as they call it “Tortizza”—and it has become a quick and easy favorite. You can mix all the ingredients and get it in the oven in under two minutes, and the kids can choose their own toppings.

Karen Nochimowski, the mom behind, has loved cooking for as long as she can remember. After friends and family begged to be let in on her culinary secrets, she decided to create a blog featuring the easy, quick recipes that everyone loved. The goal of Momma Chef blog is to help busy moms serve fabulous meals with little effort and few ingredients to their families.

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