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Amazon Prime Day Gets Off to a Shaky Start, And the Twitter Responses Are Hilarious

Today is Amazon Prime Day, when the behemoth online retailer offers deep discounts on a huge array of merchandise. Normally the day would be a sales bonanza—Amazon is expected to rake in $3.4 billion this year, according to Bloomberg. But this year a workers’ strike (which U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders supports) and technical glitches may lead to a much smaller payday than anticipated.

And, of course, people had a lot of opinions on it all. When the site crashed shortly after the sale went live for East Coast shoppers at 3 p.m., many took to Twitter to express their frustration. And their tweets are, no surprise, pretty hilarious—especially because Amazon’s error page featured photos of cute dogs. In addition to the crash, some shoppers weren’t exactly thrilled with the product offerings. Together, it created a perfect storm of Internet snark. Here were some of our favorite comments:

More hated than Regina George …

And lastly, a compelling theory …

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