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Kristen Bell’s Birthday Gift to Herself: Helping an Immigrant Mom Reunite with Her Kid

What do celebrities get themselves for their birthday when they could pretty much buy whatever they want? Rather than shop for an expensive or unique item, Kristen Bell, who celebrated her birthday on July 18, wanted something that would leave her with a "peaceful feeling." And as her latest post on Instagram reveals, it looks like she made that wish come true.

Yesterday, the actress shared screenshots of her GoFundMe donation, totaling $4,457, to the WPY Delmi Support Team—funds that would help reunite immigrant mom Delmi with her kid, Hello Giggles reports.

The mother is currently being held at a detention facility in Eloy, AZ, and her child has been transferred to another state. The campaign was set up on July 13 by the group Immigrant Families Together to pay her bond, get her to the state where her child is, and to cover additional expenses like accommodations, food, a cell phone and costs related to court appearances.

Before Kristen's donation, the campaign had raised $25,793 dollars and needed $4,207 to reach their goal. But it was Kristen's generous act that led the group to finally meet—and then surpass—their goal.

In the same Instagram post, Kristen, who is a mom to daughters Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 3, with husband Dax Shepard, invited her followers to click on the link in her bio so they too can learn how they can get a "peaceful feeling" and help family No. 9. The link takes users to another GoFundMe campaign from Immigrant Families Together—this time to help twins Hillary Alejandra and Hillary Estafany who are also detained in an ICE facility in Arizona.

According to Hello Giggles, the Immigrant Families Together group was created by New York-based writer Julie Schwietert-Collazo, husband Francisco Collazo and many others in the U.S. The group is currently helping reunite 12 families.

And as of today, they've been able to reach or exceed their fundraising goals to help eight families—and that number already includes the twins (partly due to the actress linking to their GoFundMe page on Instagram, no doubt).

Here's to Kristen celebrating her birthday in a big way, and inspiring others to make a difference in the process.

This is just one of the many reasons why we love Kristen.

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