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Vile Teachers Caught Mocking Autistic Student on Accidental Voicemail

An English mom is demanding answers after a teacher at her son’s school mistakenly left her a message where she and another teacher make fun of her autistic son.

Leighanne Bromley, a mom from Coventry, England, received a voicemail from a teacher at RNIB Three Spires Academy Coventry—a school for special needs students—where her 10-year-old son Harley is a student. In a clip that Leighanne posted on her Facebook page, you can hear the teacher checking in on Harley before saying goodbye.

But the teacher didn't realize she hadn't ended the call—and the rest of her conversation was picked up in the message. The teacher then said that Leighanne should “make sure [Harley] is off all f*cking week.” Another teacher chimed in and said she should keep her son out of school for the rest of the session. “Tell you what, don't bring him back until the July 27. Why is that? Well that's when we would have broken up."

In her Facebook post, Leighanne wrote that the rude comments upset her—especially coming from staff at a school for children with special needs. “Disgraceful attitudes and behaviour by the staff,” she wrote. “I’m beyond angry.” Her post has since been shared over 2,000 times.

In an interview with BBC, the mom explains she couldn’t believe teachers at the school would say things like that about their students. "I was just gobsmacked and could not quite believe what I was hearing,” she said. "I was horrified and felt like my son wasn't really welcome after hearing that”

The school released an apology for the message and announced they have launched an internal investigation on the issue.

“We are sincerely sorry for the offence that has been caused by two staff members at RNIB Three Spires,” said Rob Jones, the school’s head teacher, in a statement. “We agree with Ms. Bromley that their behaviour is unacceptable and it goes completely against the values of the school and of our sponsor, RNIB.”

Leighanne hopes the teachers responsible for the voicemail are punished by their employer. "I think both staff members should be fired, but at the very least suspended while an investigation takes place."

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