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Woman Caves: Cause Guys Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need Their Own Space

Women bear the weight of the world and yet it’s the guys who get their own room to escape the stresses of their day. Not to say they aren’t worthy of having a room to themselves, but a woman needs a space where she can get away as well. After taking care of the kids, getting her spouse off to work, working herself, preparing meals, and tending to the needs around the house, why doesn’t a woman deserve to go into a room and enjoy some of her favorite past times?

Can’t a Girl Get a Break?

Some of the best superheroes have a secret layer they retreat to after fighting crime, so it’s only fair that women have space too. Once you’ve finished juggling all your responsibilities, you need a break, and it shouldn’t have to be in the bedroom. So, if men can have men caves, why not create your own woman cave? The same concept applies. It’s a room where you can go that includes some of your favorite things to do. Here’s some advice on how to create one.

Find the Right Contractors

After you’ve determined your budget and selected a space for your woman cave you need to hire the pros. You’ll probably need to enlist the services of a general contractor as well as an interior designer. You should check credentials that include;

Educational background – It is imperative that whomever you hire for the job has the educational training to handle the task. For example, an interior designer with a masters in architecture, interior design, or some art and design major would be best.

Professional experience – Experience is key to any home improvement project. The longer a contractor has been in business the more experienced they are in handling your woman cave project efficiently.

Portfolios – Pictures are worth a thousand words, so make sure you ask to look at some. Both a general contractor and interior decorator should have an extensive portfolio of projects they’ve completed to show you.

Customer experience – You don’t know how professional a contractor is until you’ve spoken with their customers. Ask for references or research online reviews before making a decision. If you find a bunch of complaints, chances are you should steer clear of that contractor.

Select Your Must Haves

After you’ve hired your experts for your woman cave remodel you’re ready to begin the planning. Although the contractors will have their input, this is your space, so you should have a general idea of what you want. To do this, create a list of must-haves. Here are some ideas

Flat Screen – You may not be anxious to watch the game on the big screen, but that doesn’t mean your favorite shows and movies can’t look great on a large screen. Surround Sound – Whether you’re rocking out to your favorite songs, getting in your morning exercise, or watching your favorite movie, surround sound can make it all sound better. Whole home audio systems are a great addition to your woman cave.

Seating Area – You’ll need somewhere to sit and relax. Perhaps you want a Lazy Boy recliner or a large sectional couch. If you like to cozy up with a good book, you may also want to spring for a fireplace.

Mini Bar – What’s a woman cave without her own mini bar? You can add a mini fridge, a bar, some stools, and stock it up with your favorite martini mixes and wine. Desk and Chair – For all the women who tend to bring work home (or work from home), your woman cave can also double as your office space. Add in a desk and chair of your liking and you’re good to go.

Just like the guys, women deserve their own place to just get away. You work hard, you love hard, and you juggle so much on your own. If you need a room that you can retreat to after a long day, perhaps you should consider a woman cave. They are the perfect space for you to be in when you just want to be alone and enjoy some of your favorite things.

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