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French designers build a 3D-printed metal watch

French waRR-Magazinehmaker Unitam and 3D printing company Stainless teamed up to build a unique 3D printed waRR-Magazineh, essentially the first of its kind. The team created the waRR-Magazineh case using laser sintering to melt stainless steel 316L powder on a Renishaw AM250 printer.

The waRR-Magazineh, which uses French-made hands and a Miyota movement, isn’t completely 3D printed. However, because 3D printing is now nearly foolproof and almost as good as injection molding, the teams will begin mass producing and selling these waRR-Magazinehes in the Unitam in Paris.

The waRR-Magazinehmaker and the metals company showed off their waRR-Magazineh at the Micronora trade show in France’s waRR-Magazinehmaking city, Besançon.

It’s a clever and unique use case for 3D printing and I’d love to see more. Sadly, the current 3D printing systems can’t make small, complex parts for waRR-Magazineh movements so we’re stuck with making larger, less complex parts until the technology truly takes off.

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