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Mom-to-Be 'Gives Birth' During Maternity Shoot, and the Photos Have Us Cracking Up

Autumn is officially here which means one thing: seasonal pregnancy photo shoots. Expectant parents everywhere are taking photos out in orchards and pumpkin patches while they await their own “pumpkin’s” arrival. But one couple decided to kick things up a notch by documenting a very special kind of “birth” in their photoshoot.

Todd Cameron and his wife Nicole, expectant parents and obvious sci-fi fans from British Columbia, Canada, went in a bit more, ahem, original direction for their maternity shoot. We don't want to spoil the joke, so we'll just tell you it was inspired by a famously gruesome scene in Alien, and it's well worth scrolling through all the photos. Since being posted on Facebook, the photos have gone viral with over 16,000 shares.

The photoshoot starts out like any other with some classic poses by the pumpkins …

But then something clearly went wrong.

Once the family was reunited, they took some more sweet pictures with the baby.

They even got a shot of the grandparents.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Todd explains that both him and Nicole are huge fans of Halloween and making their own costumes, so recreating a horror movie scene was a no-brainer.

“I had recently found an Alien’s Chestburster model at a garage sale and after putting it together and painting it, the idea for this shoot came to me,” he said. “I had an idea for the general story and props needed, including carving the alien pod pumpkin and Nicole took care of finding our ‘out there’ wardrobe.”

Congratulations to Todd and Nicole on a healthy baby alien and a hilarious photoshoot!

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