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Depressed About Climate Change Reports? Watch Quavo Survive Armageddon

Quavo is the rapper most likely to survive the apocalypse. The ex-quarterback, recreational basketball player and pop star has an innate talent for adaptability and a wide array of talents he can leverage during end times. That surprising part of the Quavo and Daps-directed video for “B U B B L E G U M,” isn’t the nuclear wasteland, but in the choices the Migos leader makes during it.

As a concept, the video makes little sense. Quavo doesn’t think to shield himself from radiation, take shelter underground, scavenge for food or look for clean water during nuclear armageddon. Instead, he escapes to a virtual world and leaves his partner (Draya Michele) behind to play with her lighter. Once Quavo is in virtual reality, beautiful scientists start running tests on him as they chew bubblegum. Why would scientists in the computer-generated world be concerned with the health of the fake Quavious and not the real one enduring radiation from the fallout?

At least the video is timely. On Monday, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a report detailing the coming global crisis if humans don’t curb greenhouse gas emissions. VR headsets and bubblegum won’t save us, but it’s nice to think they will.

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