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Newborn is Visiting All 50 States and Has the Adorable Photos to Prove It

Most babies take trips to the playground or Mommy and Me classes while their moms are on maternity leave. While those are always a fun time, little Harper Yeats, a 5-month-old from Canada, is wrapping up an epic 50 state journey with her parents during her mom's one-year-long leave.

Harper’s parents, Cindy Lim and Tristan Yeats, decided to take their newborn on the trip four months ago after finding a website for the All Fifty States Club, which commemorates people who have travelled to every state in the U.S. They realized Harper would have the chance to be the youngest person ever to join the exclusive club. The travel-loving couple had previously visited 19 states together before they were parents.

The family started their trip in Maine and have since hit most of the states. They’ve been documenting their travels on Instagram. Every time Harper reaches a new state, Cindy and Tristan take an adorable picture of her in front of the state's sign. Here are some of our favorites:

They’ve also been visiting local landmarks and attractions:

According to her mother, Harper seems to be enjoying the trip.

"We don't stay in every state, but we do try and and spend a little time in some places," Cindy said in an interview with Good Morning America. "She's like any baby, she has good and bad days, but as long we give her what she needs, she's very adaptable. I'd like to think [this trip] affected her positively."

The parents are planning on applying for a Guinness World Record for Harper, but first Guinness would need to create one for her. "Based on the info on the All Fifty States Club, we suspect she is going to be the youngest," Cindy said.

The family is scheduled to arrive in Vermont on October 18 to complete the road trip. Harper may not be able to remember any of it, but her mom thinks she will be able to appreciate the experience later on.

"Personally, when she looks back [at] what we achieved, I hope when she looks at the photos and I tell her all the stories, that she can have the confidence that she can do anything," Cindy told CBS News.

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