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Flu Season's Must-Have Accessory for Babies: 'Don't Touch Me' Signs

Sellers on Etsy have found a genius solution to help parents reduce their baby's contact with germs during the upcoming cold and flu season. They're selling signs that tell strangers not to touch their baby.

The signs, which are meant to be hung on car seats, strollers, and in some cases, outside hospital rooms, save parents the time of having to politely remind strangers that their babies still have developing immune systems, and that parents prefer that their baby not be touched, just in case the stranger is sick or is carrying germs that cause illness. The signs also help moms and dads avoid awkwardly having to intervene, or worse, remain angrily silent, when a well-meaning, though likely oblivious, stranger tries to hold their irresistibly cute little one.

While the warning signs are great to use in the colder months when everyone's getting sick, they're also helpful for parents with babies who are particularly susceptible to illness. They can even be used to stop strangers from trying to interact with a sleeping baby in her stroller.

On Etsy, there are several types of Don't Touch My Baby warning signs, including fabric ones and printouts. Below are 10 of our favorites.

This blue one attaches to a stroller or car seat with velcro ($7).

These messages remind people that their germs might be "too big" for a baby to fight off ($10).

Customers can buy this sign with a velcro attachment, clip attachment or both (starting at $13).

This one can be customized as well ($7).

This tag is meant for little ones born weighing less than 1 pound, 12 ounces, or before 26 weeks gestation ($7).

Because moms are tired of having to explain why strangers shouldn't try to hold their baby ($7).

This sign comes in handy when Spanish-speaking strangers are getting handsy ($9).

This sign was inspired by the seller's nephew who was born with heart problems ($7).

This one is meant for the hospital room ($6).

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