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This Restaurant is Offering Childcare Because Dreams Really Do Come True

There are a million reasons working parents don't go out on regular date nights. Being exhausted after a week of working and parenting. Wanting to spend every second they're not at the office or asleep with their smallest family members. Affording care plus a night out. Finding a caregiver available on nights and weekends whom you trust in the first place. A sushi restaurant in Massachusetts is addressing at least those last two obstacles. Baba Sushi Sturbridge, a Japanese restaurant an hour west of Boston in Massachusetts, started hosting Parents' Night Out in October 2018. Every Thursday, from 5 to 9 p.m., parents can bring their children to the restaurant and CPR-certified babysitters look after the littles as couples enjoy an adults-only meal. There's even a registered nurse on the premises. Plus, the cost is a very reasonable $6 an hour per child, added straight to the parents' dinner bill.

According to the restaurant's Facebook post, kids' evenings are as good as their parents'. The karaoke room, just upstairs from diners, is stocked with movies, games and other age-appropriate activities to keep children entertained during the dinner. Parents also have the option of ordering supper for their tots, delivered straight to them. Easy, peasy.

Not surprisingly, the small Facebook page's post has racked up hundreds of likes, comments and shares—and many people are hoping restaurants in their areas will follow suit. We humbly join them.

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