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Serena Williams' Post-Kid Living Room Realization is So Freaking Relatable

Ever since having daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. last year, Serena Williams has been candid about her experiences with pregnancy and motherhood. From revealing how she almost died during childbirth to discussing mom guilt, Serena doesn't hold back. Most recently she posted about another often undiscussed side of motherhood, and it's hilariously relatable: the home decor changes.

Just yesterday, the tennis star uploaded a photo to Instagram of herself standing in her living room, with her hands up, eyes looking at the ceiling—in complete disbelief at what she was seeing around her.

Her living room was scattered with toys, including a stuffed animal, possibly a slide and playsets.

"Sometimes I have to throw my hands up in the air. #Thismama used to have a living room. Now I just have a play room. When did that happen?" she wrote.

Ah, yes, Serena. This might not make it into many new-mom manuals, but part of the initiation into motherhood deals with home decor as well. One useful bit of advice: be careful stepping barefoot on LEGOs.

The funny post currently has almost half a million likes, and many Instagram users took to the comments to tell her how much they could relate or praise her for keeping it real. One fan wrote, "Yesterday I looked around our basement den and thought OMG, I live in a daycare." Another wrote, "Girl, I just love you, you are the real-est!"

However, others pointed out that the celeb's living room-turned-playroom is nothing compared to the transformations other moms have experienced in their own homes. Aka typical moms have living rooms that are SO MUCH MESSIER, and it can get even more out of control. Said one user, "That is still very much a living room. You can still see your floors." Another user even warned, " … and it’s just the beginning! Lol!"

It's totally true, Serena. Considering your kiddo recently turned 1-year-old, expect to see many more toys. Just go with it.

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