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Lioness Kills Father of Her Cubs and the Comments Have Us Roaring

Ah, the Internet. Sometimes it disappoints, and sometimes it gives us a gem, like a comment section that actually makes us ROFL.

That was decidedly the case with a story CNN and Huffington Post posted to Facebook over the weekend, about a lioness who killed the father of her three cubs at the Indianapolis Zoo last week.

According to a statement from the zoo, the zoo staff said they heard "an unusual amount of roaring" at the lions' outdoor yard early Monday morning. When they arrived, they found a female lion, Zuri, fighting the father of her cubs, Nyack. Zoo personnel tried to separate the two, but Zuri “held Nyack by the neck until he stopped moving.”

The two lions had been housed together for eight years but hadn’t shown any signs of aggression toward one another previously.

As you can imagine, the scenario, though obviously sad, prompted more than a few uproarious comments (sorry, had to do it) from those speculating what might have made Zuri snap. And I daresay working moms will relate to more than a few of these.

Here are our favorites:


A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Hell hath no fury …



Women ARE pretty fed up right now.


No means no.


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