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OVS Gangmember Converts to Islam

The OVS gang (Onterio Varrio Sunkist) membership runs into the 1000’s while having one of the highest EME membership within the California Mexican Mafia. Infamously known from back in the days with Tupi Hernandez who took full control of the EME when “Peg Leg” Joe Morgan passed away in the 90’s. Also one of the few gangs who said “no” to the Gangland T.V. series when approached for a episode back in 2007. The T.V. series was aware of the power struggle between both high ranking eme leaders East Los Angeles “Topo” Peters and South Ontario’s “Tupi” Hernandez. After many several failed attempts, the Gangland T.V. producers gave up when they were finally threaten from OVS.

Never would imagine a homie, a sureno let alone a member from one of the biggest gangs in San Bernardino County to convert to islam. We give him props in making out of the gang!

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