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Red Bull Rampage Live Stream 2018

One of the craziest most extreme sports held once a year. When’s the last time you jumped off a cliff with no parachute? Sand, gravel and mud is your only cushion as you land!

Featuring Andreu Lacondeguy, one of the best latino extreme sports mountain biker and my homie Kyle Strait from socal.


Relive the action from Red Bull Rampage 2018:

0:11 – Pre-Show
13:30 – Run 1, Rider: Szymon Godziek
20:35 – Run 1, Rider: Brendan Fairclough
27:15 – Run 1, Rider: Brendan Fairclough
31:47 – Run 1, Rider: DJ Brandt
39:36 – Run 1, Rider: Remy Metailler
43:02 – Run 1, Rider: Reed Boggs
49:20 – Run 1, Rider: Adolf Silva
54:40 – Run 1, Rider: Andreu Lacondeguy
59:45 – Run 1, Rider: Jordy Lunn
1:08:44 – Run 1, Rider: Graham Agassiz
1:13:39 – Run 1, Rider: Tom van Steenbergen
1:21:34 – Run 1, Rider: Tyler McCaul
1:26:28 – Run 1, Rider: Kyle Strait
1:34:51 – Run 1, Rider: Carson Storch
1:40:26 – Run 1, Rider: Thomas Genon
1:46:22 – Run 1, Rider: Brett Rheeder
1:51:47 – Run 1, Rider: Brandon Semenuk
1:59:18 – Run 1, Rider: Ethan Nell
2:08:58 – Run 1, Rider: Kurt Sorge

The red rocks of Virgin, Utah will once again host the biggest test of guts, skill and creativity in mountain biking. An elite group of 21 riders will bring their best manmade lines into the 13th edition of Red Bull Rampage – LIVE from Virgin, Utah, United States right here on Red Bull Bike YouTube.


Experience the world of Red Bull Bike like you have never seen it before. With the best bike videos, from Mountain Bike Downhill to Cross Country plus BMX and original series, prepare for your “stoke factor” to be at an all time high.

Travis Wallack

#HancockPark #LosAngeles #MiracleMile Business owner and content contributor for RR-Magazine. #Apparel designer and computer nerd. Have "Techie" tatted on my stomach because I'm cool like that.

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