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American Mysteries Of The Outdoors & National Parks

Segment Listing :

#1.) Big Bend Nat. Park Texas (Nordic Encounters)
#2.) Death Valley Nat. Park California (Indian Queen “Curse”)
#3.) Cleveland Nat. Forest California (Portals & Creatures w/ Linda Godfrey)
#4.) Apache Sitgreaves Nat. Forest Arizona (UFO’s)
#5.) Great Smoky Mountains Nat. Park North Carolina (Cherokee Little People)
#6.) Mark Twain Nat. Forest Missouri (Haunts and Shadow People)
#7.) Yosemite Nat. Park California (Strange Disappearances)
#8.) Great Sand Dunes Nat. Park Colorado (UFO’s and Strange Lights)
#9.) Lassen Volcano Nat. Park California (Underground Reptoids)
#10.) Canyon Lands Nat. Park Utah (Petroglyphs and Strange Formations)


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