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Red Rose Mafia Managing Director Adela Crosby

We were finally able meet up for a quick interview with our busy Adela Delgado Crosby who happens to be our managing director of Red Rose Mafia, RRM Apparel and RR-Magazine. Originally from Southern California, Red Rose Mafia was a local brand sisterhood that quickly grew worldwide in the early 2000s. Just recently RRM released their new apparel online store while having plans in releasing their own clothing. From Jeans, shoes, dresses, shirts, etc. We were lucky to catch up with Mrs. Delgado Crosby before she flew out of LAX for business.

RR-Magazine: Wow La jefa! We’re finally are able to sit down and able to do a quick face to face interview.

Adela: Yes right? Things have been so busy for me this year. So many positive things happening for RRM. We should of done this interview a long time ago. Wish we had more time.

RR-Magazine: So what’s going on with Red Rose Mafia?

Adela: More like in what’s not going on? 2019 is just around the corner and many new plans coming to existence. Well let’s see first of all our RRM China is finally official. I’ve been in talks with our chapter president from over there and might be flying out to Shanghai in December. As you know we are working on our RRM branded apparel and we have members within the sisterhood who are clothing designers that has a lot to do in making this happen. Very excited.

RR-Magazine: Wow so cool! So no more buying t-shirts like everyone else and slapping logos on?

Adela: Well… I’m not letting that go but it’s time for us to move forward. We are actually working with clothing designers that are official RRM members and we plan to release our own clothing. Official RRM designers from the U.S. , Asia and even south America. Pretty cool huh?

RR-Magazine: yes really cool la Jefa. Also sounds kind of expensive?

Adela:  Ummm yes and no. Our investors have experience in making money so they feel very secured.

RR-Magazine: You also have a business degree to from USC, right?

Adela: Exactly!

RR-Magazine: Obviously you know what you are doing. What about the sisterhood?

Adela: It’s growing. Just that I want our future girls to fit a certain criteria. People often misjudge and tend to judge the book by its cover. Many of our members might be tatted but many of us are well educated, do don’t do drugs and have very promising careers and futures. Thus having a strong bond and commitment for one another and for our sisterhood.

RR-Magazine: What is a sisterhood?

Adela: Well according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of a sisterhood is: a community or society of sisters based on shared interests, conditions, experiences, or concerns. A strong bond between each other. Our members are from all walks of lives. Thus having to fit a certain criteria in becoming an official member. 

RR-Magazine: That’s so cool! You are also an actual southern California native, right?

Adela: Yeap! From Los Angeles then moved out to the High Desert then back to Los Angeles and then eventually bought some property out in San Diego. My husbands from San Diego who’s been into real estate for many many years so I’m always going back and forth.

RR-Magazine: Your from a hood to right? Many people think that if someones from a hood that they can’t be successful in life.

Adela: Whoever told you that is full of bologna! Many people can walk away from the hood if they really want to. The opportunity is always there. Even if your a felon. So many programs and grants to better yourself and educate yourself. If you live in Los Angeles and not working it’s because you choose not to work. There is so much work in Los Angeles. Tired of working minimum wage jobs? Go to school and learn a trade or get a degree to make a decent and comfortable living. It’s a choice. As of for the stereotyping. It’s always going to be there. Who cares. Life goes on. If I had $10 for every hater that bad mouthed me I would be a millionaire. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. 

RR-Magazine: Cool quote!

Adela: As of our RRM team. We have an outstanding team on-board as a company. I’m very impressed with each and every one of our management, staff and executives. Also with our content contributors for our online magazine. I wouldn’t be able to do none of this alone. It’s the sisterhood that brings pretty much everything to the table. It’s the RRM sisterhood that should be taking the credit as well.

RR-Magazine: The plans for 2019?

Adela: Many plans and we will be making this public in December at our company/ sisterhood management meeting in Los Angeles Wilshire the first week of December.

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