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Bizarre Truth of WHY People Disappear in National Parks

Did you know there is a strange phenomena of #missing people? Why are they disappearing without a trace in our #NationalParks?


Some are showing up days later alive but with no memory of what happen, others have simply vanished leaving no trail behind, and other times bodies are showing up in places where people have previously searched before. What is happening?

And are the parks themselves covering up these strange and mysterious disappearances? And if so why?

But is something paranormal taking place?

All of this and more on today’s episode of Edge of Wonder.

About Us:
At Edge of Wonder we believe there is more to this world than meets the eye. We want to take you on an adventure to the edge of human body, life and the universe discovering wonders and fascinating phenomena that science won’t acknowledge.

Join us our hosts Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts as they embark on this journey of truth-seeking and conscious awakening.
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– Ben & Rob
Special Shout out to Krešimir Matovina for the Awesome EOW Intro!


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