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New York’s Skies Are Glowing Blue

Overnight a number of videos have emerged out of New York showing an eerie blue glow.

Videos and photos across social media have shown strange pulsating lights lighting up the entire skyline a wholly unnatural shade.

Strange and quite beautiful photos and footage have a lot of people speculating that we’re about to face an Independence Day-style invasion, or if you’re feeling optimistic, scenes from the first Avengers film. 

This wasn’t even the usual nonsense UFO report. In fact, LaGuardia airport was briefly shut down, NDTV reports, and thousands across the city lost power.

So what caused it? A UFO? Santa returning home? An early New Year’s firework display that got out of hand? The same things that caused the night skies to light up in Siberia and Michigan back in October?

Sorry, but nope. The ridiculously pretty and mysterious lights instead have a rather mundane explanation.

“The lights you have seen throughout the city appear to have been from a transformer explosion at a Con Ed facility in Queens,” the NYPD confirmed in an explanation that read exactly like one you’d expect them to use if there was an alien invasion.

However, Con Edison confirmed that there was indeed a brief electrical fire at a substation in Astoria, causing a transmission dip, which it is now investigating.

The transformer explosion combined with bad weather made for a spectacular view across the city, though.

There have been no reports of injuries from the incident, which the NYPD has stated was due to a “non-suspicious equipment malfunction”.

“There was a boom and a bang and a flash of light,” Jim Long, spokesman for Fire Department New York, told Reuters. “It’s all under control but we’re still getting calls from residents wondering what happened.”

With that, everything was cleared up and people went on with their lives.

Nah, we’re just kidding, everyone is still saying it’s aliens.

Though the real explanation is somewhat dull, it still made for a spectacular display of lights just in time for New Year, so sit back and enjoy the view.

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